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"Frank LaMagna Sportsmanship Award"

What is the "Frank LaMagna Sportsmanship Award"?
It is simply the MOST prestigious award the Stallions have!

This award was named in recognition of many years of leadership of past President Frank LaMagna. His philosophy has been very simple. We give EVERY player the opportunity to play this game. Football provides our kids the opportunity to learn about discipline, teamwork, effort, desire, enjoyment, strategy, leadership, respect, dedication, determination and hard work, but most importantly sportsmanship!

These are qualities that hopefully transcend from the football field to their everyday lives as they grow older. How to become a gracious winner and how to handle defeat are important aspects of building character and integrity. The fact is the majority of boys who play Stallions football will never play organized football again. We cater to the majority of players who come through this league, unlike most sports leagues that cater to the minority and organize themselves around the top players, creating tournament teams and recognizing individual accomplishments. We don't have All-Star games, M.V.P. awards, playoffs or championship games. The top players in our league and M.V.P. type players are recognized throughout the season and they earn their rewards through their accomplishments on the field. We consider all of our players as champions!

What we do recognize is the importance of sportsmanship and the impact of that quality. In that regard, we give one player from each team the "Stallions Sportsmanship Award". This award goes to the player who throughout the season displays all of the above mentioned qualities and truly shows a love for the game of football! In honor of Frank's MANY years of commitment to these values, the Award will be named in his honor for MANY years to come! Head Coach or Assistant Coach's sons are not eligible to receive this award.